IQ Option vs eToro

IQ Option and eToro comparison

eToro is the world’s leading lorry for trading online currencies, commodities and indices with maximum convenience and transparency. More than 4 million traders from 140 countries use our unique online lorry and commerce community for effective financial management. Thousands of new users join daily.

Trading currency pairs, CFDs on stock indices, commodities, us and European stocks, ETFs. All trading operations involve risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The information is intended for educational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice.

From other case, IQ Option allows to trade in a convenient currency for the participant. Given that not all brokers have an account in rubles and this raises problems related to the exchange rate on the lorry and the official, then you need to choose the currency in which it is more convenient to work. If the trade is conducted for small amounts, it is more expedient to choose the ruble account.

eToro works to serve the interests of the emerging retail segment in the Forex community. The company provides all its dealers with easy access to commerce through a simple and, at the same time, powerful lorry. eToro offers a “dealers insight” tool that displays the direction of commerce where most of the leading eToro’s 100 dealers trade in their commerce social networks. Usability, ease, innovation, commission free, reliability, practice, personal service, community and this is not the whole range of advantages of eToro.

To date, most national brokerage companies tend to maintain their current market position, thereby trying to avoid all existing risks. This in turn leads to the formation of a certain stagnation in the pace of development. However, this provision is completely inapplicable for IQ Option, which always strives to develop regardless of the stability of the financial market. This is the policy of the company, provides annual growth of dealers.

eToro is a social commerce service. In itself, the phenomenon of social commerce is new for a private investor. This service allows novice dealers to monitor the best dealers in USA and the world and literally feel the support of the same novice users. Becoming an eToro user is easy. After registration, you can try to trade on a demo account, and then replenish the real account.

Due to the fact that eToro is a broker, one of the first questions that arises from its users is the withdrawal of money. Since the company is registered in Cyprus, for the withdrawal of funds you will need to go through the procedure of confirming personal data. Processing a withdrawal request takes no more than 5 business days.

As you can see, there are more than enough ways to earn on investments in eToro. Every investor, even a very inexperienced, can find a way that will allow to get a profit in accordance with the available amount, knowledge and skills; and if there are no skills in commerce, you can simply copy the transactions of successful dealers.